Sea of Giants v1.7 Apk

Sea of Giants Apk

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Requires Android: 2.2 and Up |

Overview: The most breathtaking and beautiful point & click puzzle game for tablets has arrived.

Game review:

Your adventurous mother is missing and you must find her. You are headed to an island within an unknown body of water called the “Sea of Giants”. Along the journey, you will see an ancient and magnificent city filled with fantastical creatures and enigmatic puzzles. A dreamy original soundtrack accompanies you with the mystery of this ancient island as you seek your missing mother. The outcomes of the puzzles are as unpredictable as the voyage itself and you will surely be amazed by your findings.

What led you to this miraculous expedition is a final letter from your mother:

“My dear child, my love, you renegade, you misfit; out of our big family, you always stand out. I have ventured on my biggest quest to solve an ancient mystery. In case I do not make it back, I have left you the only remaining map. It is a magical place in an unknown body of water called the Sea of Giants. After all, maybe only a misfit can put the puzzle pieces together.”
(Note:The journal may be holding important information.)

•The point and click adventure game genre taken to a new level.
•A “Game Guide” button on the Start Menu.Also, On causal mode you will see flashes as hints every time you enter a scene, if you look carefully.
•Breathtaking graphics with the most realistic visuals for smart phones and tablets.
•Fun puzzles to solve with absolutely unexpected results.
•Many fantastical creatures and giants to meet.
•Great heartwarming story with a thrilling ending.
•Mesmerizing original sound track created by a professional composer.
•Optimized for tablets including those with retina display.
•Amazing unlockable bonus items.
•Easy to pick up and play.

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