A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.7.4 Apk

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.7.4 Apk | 6.2 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up
A.I.type’s revolutionary text prediction will help you type faster and better! An intelligent keyboard with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction,auto-correction, auto-learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities and cool (and customizable!) skins (WP7, Windows 8 and iPhone for instance).

v1.7.4 update:
-Fixed: prediction problems in QuickOffice, OfficeSuite,Google Docs and more
-(Support in Polaris, LG mail client and Galaxy S2 mail client – still in progress)
-Added: Thai and Georgian keyboard layouts (beta)
-Added: French Predictionary
-Added: text suggestions font and font size selection
-Improved: auto-completion and auto-correction algorithm
-Improved: auto-texts capitalization behavior
-Improved: keyboard performance

Out of the box, the keyboard provides English prediction only at the moment, but it learns any language you use! (add your local language in the settings, if it’s not there by default).

Psychic word completions and predictions are generated by A.I.type’s servers on the Cloud. When the device is offline or Internet connection is too slow, or if you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions will be generated by the device only.

The keyboard also learns your unique words and style of writing (MyType). Just type your texts normally and it will keep learning. The learning model is stored on the device itself and is NOT shared with our servers.


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