Alchemy Fusion Full v1.0 Apk

Alchemy Fusion Full apk


Alchemy Fusion Full v1.0 Apk | 4 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:1.6 and up

Alchemy Fusion FullThe game on the principles of “Alchemy” and “Doodle God.” Connect elements to discover new one.


To discovery awaits 500 of them. Start from fire, water, earth and air to get a computer, a knight, money, the universe and much more. For your convenience we added two methods for adding elements: a scrollable bar and a full list, tips that you can use when you no longer have ideas. This is the final version reached thanks to the experience with the free version. It contains many improvements and fixes relative to the initial version of the game.

Only the full version:
– No ads
– The option “Do not make the discovered elements”
– Possibility to choose the size of the item
– Sounds
– Additional 3 wallpapers in the game
– Vibrations

Other features of the game (available in the free version):
– 500 items to discover
– Scrolling bar containing only those elements that can still be used
– Realistic images of elements
– 3 wallpapers available in the game
– Buttons “Reset” and “Clear” in the options menu
– List of all found
– A tip at 20 discovered elements
– 8 available languages