Android Delete History PRO v1.1 Apk

Android Delete History PRO apk


Android Delete History PRO v1.1 Apk | 220 KB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up


The Best app to delete history on Android devices.
This is PRO version of famous delete history tool, Android Delete History, a history eraser. There is no time limit in Android Delete History PRO.
With this app you can delete and erase history on your phone! Clean it by one touch! Deleting history has never been so easy. Android Delete History can delete call logs, erase history of incoming and outgoing calls, also delete missed calls. You can delete messages, delete sent SMS and MMS, clear received SMS and MMS from history. NO ROOT REQUIRED. Clean all apps cache files, delete your clipboard, clear frequently called, and cleanup browser history. Delete browser search history, Google Maps search history. Free up memory and free up disk space to get more free space. Android Delete History is similar to ccleaner on the pc or History Eraser. Android Delete History is erase history tool with custom unique design and user-friendly user interface. Enjoy this history eraser.

Android Delete History can:
[✔] Delete call log
[✔] Delete incoming calls
[✔] Delete outgoing calls
[✔] Delete missed calls
[✔] Delete browser history (native browser)
[✔] Delete text messages
[✔] Delete sent SMS/MMS
[✔] Delete received SMS/MMS
[✔] Delete draft SMS/MMS
[✔] Delete failed SMS/MMS
[✔] Delete and clear all apps cache
[✔] Delete Google Maps search
[✔] Delete clipboard


Some customers have reported problems with the “Application not licensed” error window. If you are experiencing some problem after installation, uninstall the application and install it again from Android Market / Google Play market. If problems persist, please contact our technical support: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions:

[?] Can Android Delete History erase incoming and outgoing calls history?
[☺] Of course, Android Delete History also delete all your missed calls history.

[?] How can I delete locked SMS/MMS?
[☺] Install Android Delete History, open app, click menu button and choose Settings. Then enable “Delete locked SMS/MMS” and delete your locked SMS/MMS.

[?] Can I delete or erase history data from my browser with this app?
[☺] Yes, if youre using a standard browser, then Android Delete History can delete your browser history.

[?] Can Android Delete History clean all apps cache?
[☺] Yes, with Android Delete History you are able to delete cache of all apps without root access.

[?] How to clean Google Maps history?
[☺] If Google Maps history still appears in Google Maps, please go to and disable history records from your Google account.

[?] Can Android Delete History erase history of Google Maps search history?
[☺] Yes, its so easy with Android Delete History delete all search history of Google Maps.



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