Android MP3 Recorder v1.01 Apk

Android MP3 Recorder apk


Android MP3 Recorder v1.01 Apk | 560 KB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Android MP3 Recorder – Realtime High Quality MP3 Recorder!


Main features
– Real-time MP3 encoding ( no more waiting )
– Keep recording while screen is blacked out
– Low power consumption
– MP3 quality options (bitrate, samplate)
– High stability

Android MP3 Recorder records voice as high quality MP3 format.
It encodes signal into MP3 in [real-time].
It means user doesn’t have to wait for the long time to convert raw recorded file into MP3 or some compressed formats.

It provides several options of bitrate, samplate.
Encoding format is limited by MP3 by now.
but further updates will support more formats.

There are two versions of Android MP3 Recorder.
Free version has an advertisement bar and its recording time is limited by 10 minutes.