[B] Zombie Metro Seoul v1.0.1.3 Apk Mediafire

[B] Zombie Metro Seoul apk

[B] Zombie Metro Seoul v1.0.1.3 Apk | 89 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

The New Dimension Shooting RPG! Zombie Metro – Seoul

Game Review:

Forget all shooting games till now!
Forget all the RPG games that you’ve ever played!
The new trend is in Shooting RPG!

Be the Hero as Dennis or Yoa to take on and clear out the Zombies with full action packed storylines!
The year 2020, Seoul will be teeming with Zombies and it is up to you, the Hero, to vanquish them.

1. Virtual keypad to interact in 3rd Person Action!
Navigate through the ruined city of Seoul,
take on the Zombie hordes in the Metro stations and
strengthen you character as you fight through Seoul.

2. High Quality 2D HD Graphics!
Latest graphics model to render elegant and stunning 2D HD graphics.

3. Resistance MODE!
Form alliances with friends to repel the Zombie forces in the Seoul Metro Stations

4. Dynamic Battles!
Choose over 30 different weapons, armor and
12 sets of defense towers to fully wage war against the enemy.
Dennis and Yoa have separate special skills to add to the fun!

5. Wide range of items!
Equip different items for different stats of your own choosing,
pickup normal, rare or unique items to help your character grow.

6. Wide range of Zombie bosses!
There are many Zombie bosses barring your way.
Fight through them and defeat them for your special items and rewards!

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