Babbler Pro Audio Recorder 1.3 Apk

Babbler Pro Audio Recorder apk


Babbler Pro Audio Recorder 1.3 Apk | 1.5 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.0 and up

Professional Noise/Voice Activated Audio Recorder,Sleep Recorder,WAVe,MP3,AGC


Check out Babbler Audio Recorder free version first(with Ads) before buying.

Babbler is a multi-purpose high fidelity (WAVe) sound-sensing recorder and player. Both recording and playback may be either manual (on button push) or automatic (Noise-Activated/Sound-Activated recording/playback). When both recording and playback are set to automatic mode Babbler maintains a “conversation” on its own with the user (hence the name). This applications uses real-time sound processing, consequently it does not keep data in compressed formats. As of this version WAVe and MP3 file export is supported. OGG export is planned for next version

Babbler features:
* Manual (on button push) recording (like regular recorder) – record your practice sessions, meetings etc..
* Automatic Noise-Activated recording (NAR) – capture night talking while sleeping, spy recording – do they talk about you when you are not there?
* Manual Playback (on button push) (like regular recorder)
* Automatic Noise-Suppressed Playback (on silence/on sound) – participate in corporate meetings without your attendance, set a sound mine that goes off on sound
* NEW! Pre-recording intervals – specify how long you want to capture prior to record start
* “Insanity” playback mode – application permutes sound bites for fun effects
* Displays sound waves (track oscillogram, real-time amplitude oscilloscope)
* Automatic Gain Control (AGC), fully animated VU meter
* Organize sound tracks in banks, create, delete banks. Copy tracks between banks
* Label tracks for easier identification
* Automatically Consolidate/Merge sound tracks produced by auto-recording
* Export Tracks to WAVE/MP3 format (Windows compatible) to SD card
* Share Tracks as WAVE/MP3
* Optimized for tablets (uses extra screen real estate and multiple CPU cores)
* Telephone Call Recording (not through speaker) – experimental feature works on some rooted devices. Tap on VU meter to select input source (must have device with telephony)

Use cases
* Attend corporate meeting instead of sitting in person – dial into your favorite time-wasting corporate meeting and let Babbler respond with senseless answers when conversation gaps form. Meetings participants would think that you are participating in the meeting.

* Record in automatic mode while you are asleep – use for sleep talking analysis and sleep apnea/snoring detection

* Use Babbler as regular sound recorder to record rehearsals, meetings etc. Use track consolidation feature to stitch many small tracks into bigger chunks. Use pre-recording interval to capture sounds before recording punched-in