BugsWars Plus v1.0.0 Apk

BugsWars Plus apk


BugsWars Plus v1.0.0 Apk | 28 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Splendid blowing enemies!! The best 3D shooting Defense!!



# information of versions.
– Plus version : You can take special gift($4.99 value, Snifer Rifle + Set E Item)


‘Stop destroying the Earth’
Bugwars is a shooting defense that should defense human from evil bug aliens.
* Caution : do not inattention the aliens although they are cure.
They are eviler than mosquitoes and more severer than ants

# Game Missions
– Normal Mission : Defense human from enemies attack for waves!!
– Bombing Mission : Defense human until bombers arriving.
– Boss Mision : A giant Boss! An Intelligent Boss! Kill them All!!!

# Item(Cargo Planes drop the items with parachutes for sometimes)
– Stun : Aliens can’t act for a while
– Medical Kit : Human’s stamina gets better
– Power Up! : All weapons power increased by 30%
– Full ammo : Fill up the bullet of all weapons

# Get coins as many as possible when playing game, and upgrade your weapons.
# You can take many coins if human get hurt less
# if you attack human, they will move very slowly.. caution!
# you clear all Rookie Level, you can enjoy Veteran Level.