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bytNotes v2.1.1 Apk | 370 KB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up


Are you in the habit of forgetting what you promised your friends? Do you find yourself taken off guard and struggling to cover it up when they call?

With bytNotes, you can now be warned before you talk!

bytNotes is a simple notepad application with a very handy twist. It allows you to create notes and link them to multiple contacts from your address book. If any of these contacts call you or you call any of them, the related notes are displayed in an overlay for you to read before you start talking.

birthday bytNotes
“What’s worse than forgetting your friends’ birthdays is talking to them on their birthday and having no clue!
bytNotes can save you the embarrassment by displaying birthday reminders whenever you call or receive a call from a friend on his birthday”

*Save all your friends’ birthday dates in Google contacts for best results

Important Notice:
bytNotes might conflict with other outgoing call interceptors such as Call Confirm. If you have such applications installed and you face weird behaviors while placing a call, you can just disable outgoing notifications from the settings menu. The incoming notifications will continue to work properly.

License Information:
bytNotes is based on the android Notepad example and reuses android icons and widgets all of which are under the Apache License, Version 2.0.



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