Crystal Story II v2.2 Apk

Crystal Story II Apk

Download: Crystal Story II v2.2 Apk| 50 MB | Resumable Links |
Requires Android:2.2 and Up

Crystal Story II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from the oncoming invasion.

Crystal Story II

What’s New

  • – “Giant Lotus” second form now shows its HP bar correctly.
  • – Generic Quest and Proof of Might achievements should now properly unlock
  • – Fixed “Mercenary Defense” Goblin getting stuck behind trees
  • – Fixed dialogue typo (Bengal cutscene, Spiderking)
  • – Added Hard Mode Bosses on the arena for fun
  • – Boss music added to Arena bosses
  • – Changed “Scribbled Card” description

Game Review:

Hello! This is my first app. Hope you have fun with it! 🙂
If there is anything wrong with the game or if you are having performance issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will try and help as best as I can. I’ve only tested this on a couple of devices, so I’m not really sure how it works on the other ones.


  • The main game features a turn based battle system where you control up to four heroes. Turn indicators let you see whose turn is going to be next.
  • Randomized dungeon layout lets you explore dungeons differently every time.
  • A story that spans a huge game world. Meet tons of NPCs and fight along side them.
  • Sidequests lets you explore and unlock optional dungeons around the game world.
  • Upgradable equipment lets you improve weapons and armor. Alchemy lets you combine items into new one.
  • Flexible level up system where you can mix and match classes to make your own unique class.
  • Fishing minigame lets you catch fish that can boost character performance.
  • Zombie defense minigame provides a challenging quest where you have to match three of a kind in order to defeat bosses and enemies.
  • Mercenary Defense minigame lets you hire mercenaries to defend against the oncoming horde.
  • Snowboard Extreme minigame lets you race downhill avoiding trees and yetis. Beat the time to win an item.
  • In game pet which you can dress up and summon during battle.
  • Optional quests and bosses appear once the game is over, so you can continue playing after beating the game.

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