Destiny Defense Angel or Devil 1.0.7 Apk

Destiny Defense Angel or Devil apk

Destiny Defense Angel or Devil 1.0.7 Apk | 18 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up


Defence the start of the game! Angel and Devil ‘s fateful showdown! Ultimate defense game!

▶ Note: the full conversion of your hearthstone if you do not receive pay,
As [email protected] “Game ID, downloading received maketmyeong, carrier, Order Number” and include the compensation paid will be happy to send.

“Angels & Demons,” the love sigo, Thank you for paying attention.

◀ ▶ Update

1) ice cream sandwiches complete response
2) Android OS 4.0 to improve terminal extension

Game Description ◀ ▶

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Review of the global community ===== ======================================
▶ Defense must for fans of the genre is a game to watch. –
▶ This game is fun, easy to play, as well as anyone could. – Appadvice
▶ great concept and amazing graphics, and up to large volumes. This app is a great game, such as hidden gems. – AppVader
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The biggest thing the fate of celestial battle begins.
Overshadow all previous defense game ‘real action x Strategy Defense’ game appeared!

▶ game story
God to subdue the forces of darkness to commit them to God and to keep the light corps.
Angels and Demons continued for long years of endless war god one thousand and four coalition to put an end to Michael’s best craftsmen Corps sends into battle.
Slip to the ground invasion killing of a human and peaceful world turned you into the flames were hell. And they led the forces of darkness and hell were standing in the center of Brigade General Lucifer best.
Only a bloody defeat for those who did not win the battle only. Michael and Lucifer, and they are one thousand and four followers were united hell. This fate thing really who is winner of the battle?

▶ Game Features
Attack the system and select a variety of possible story lines with two extra defense strategy action game. One thousand and four or demon by selecting any of the sides of the story please join the battle! Now in your hands the fate of this world and heaven is up.

* One thousand and four vs. Devil. Two story lines
– The fateful confrontation between the Angels and Demons interesting story that unfolds in
– The user, angels, demons, select any of the sides of the story gameplay
(The Devil mode on every stage of the angel mode after clearing an optional hard mode)

* Brigade General and the various units are flying through the air system
– Michael and Lucifer each camp president Corps heading in touch joystick
– Battle of Brigade General of the flying public and private specialized skills in the battle by using
– Swords, spears, arrows, priest, and a wide variety of articles, etc., more powerful units and production units, the combat abilities of the hero to win!

* 90 spacious three kinds across the world stage
– Each of the three kinds of stories, colorful graphics with the World: The lava zone, the soul of the forest, sky garden
– Various patterns and difficulty of the enemy attack and spread in this action-packed stage 90

* Upgrade system for the development of a strong army
– Each of these units, as well as the flying castle Brigade General and upgrade!
– A variety of enemy attack patterns, and to win in the battle against giant boss strategic upgrades required!

▶ Contact
* Email: [email protected]

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