Doom v(add more wad) Apk

Doom v apk


Doom v(add more wad) Apk | 31 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

» Awesome, just like in the good ‘old days! Right in the palm of my hand… -Super Dave


» Good job and thank you!! Best couple of bucks I ever spent for surez! … You’re not paying for the game you are paying for the awesome prboom port for android… Figure it out -Louis

» Nostalgic I couldn’t even imagine I could play Doom on my cellphone when I was a kid. This app is great!! Many thanks for bringing back memories! -Olli

» Great!!Works with my Doom2.wad from my old orig. Doom2-Cd! 😮 I can play Doom2 now on my mobile!! Fantastic! -Marcel

» Xperia play I am shocked how fast the developer updates when needed, prefect fps and flawless controls on xperia play.

Supports all kinds of version Doom. Support cheat code. Have fun.

1. if you want to play other map, please read the tutorial bellow
2. Phones not playable:
HTC Sensation 4G (pyramid)
HTC Droid Incredible (inc)
HTC ADR6425LVW (vigor)
HTC wildfire.
HTC myTouch 4G

Samsung GT-P6800 (GT-P6800)
Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
Samsung Droid Charge (SCH-I510)
Samsung GT-I9100P (GT-I9100P)
Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Motorola XOOM (wifi_hubble)
Motorola MZ608 (fleming)
Motorola Droid Bionic (cdma_targa)

Asus Transformer
Archos ARCHOS 101G9 (A101)
– How to play other version, like final doom TNT,DOOM2 ?
Copy the WAD file to the SD card /sdcard/doom. then start the game, if you want music Music,copy music files to /sdcard/doom/music.
– The code of this game is under GPL, the code is here:
add additional data
fix bug of can not resize icon.
use free doom wad.instead of the shareware doom wad
1.menu button to enter menu
2.back button to show/hidden menu
1.change default move is running
2.change key mapping for Xperia Play
support more phones. compiled use NDK v7
fix the bug of can’t showing menu when game is playing. now press the menu button to show the menu
Fix the bug of D-Pad movement geting “stuck”
1.Change control. default use DPAD key to control to move
2.Add support of Xperia™ PLAY key. welcome to your feedback
3.When you accidentally press the escape key. press the fire button to goon playing game
4.Fix the crash happened on Xoom
Install on sdcard
2011-11-3 version 2.7
1. Now playing other map become much easier than ever before, just copy the map file(wad format) to /sdcard/doom. then restart the game. HAVE FUN guys!!!!
2.add disable music option for performance issue
2011-9-16 version 2.6
1.add keyboard. now you can input cheat code

2011-9-4 version 2.3
1. fix a little bug of touchscreen control. witch is that when your finger press both the Dpad up icon and turn left icon. then release turn left finger. although you still press the Dpad up icon, but the character doesn’t move up any more. now fix this problem.
2011-9-10 version 2.4
support phone Xperia Play
2011-8-8 version 2.1
1.add options that you can use dpad to turn left/right instead of strafe
2011-7-28 version 2.0
1.add god mod . you can turn god mode on/off by pressing the god icon.
2.fix bug of left button doesn’t working sometimes
2011-7-7 version 1.9
1.so many people didn’t like the change. so change it back
2.add a option. so now you can reposition position of all touchscreen icons
2011-7-5 version 1.8
1.resort the touch screen icon for more playable
2011-6-20 version 1.7
1. Now if you didn’t use volume button to control game. it’s used to control music volume
2. Now can save and restore the wad file name you input.

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