Dungeon Defenders Eternity v7.0 Apk

Dungeon Defenders Eternity Apk

Download>> Dungeon Defenders Eternity v7.0 Apk | 2 MB | Resumable Links | Requires : Android 4.2 and up + Tegra 4 |

Dungeon Defenders Eternity is the definitive version of the hit tower defense action RPG!

What’s new in this version :

  • New Missions – Play the best maps from the first game, plus four brand new missions with more to come for free post-launch!
  • New Features – Visible armor, pet hatching & abilities, crafting, dashing, consumables, weapon-swapping, -spellbinding, “permadeath” mode and a whole lot more!
  • Secure Online Play – No more hacking! Eternity runs on playverse’s secure dedicated servers, so other Defenders can’t cheat their way to the top.
  • Rebalanced & Retooled – Our young heroes have an entirely redesigned loot system that fixes major issues from the original, giving them a fairer fight against the Old Ones’ rebalanced army!
  • Cross Platform Play – Take your heroes with you on the go and defend Etheria at anytime, from anywhere, with anyone! Download the Android version for Nvidia Tegra first, then stay tuned for an expanded launch!

Game Review:

Slice, shoot and pulverize your enemies, or build defenses to do the dirty work for you. Grab three friends and build a team of heroes from twelve different classes, each with their own defenses and abilities. Then embark on an adventure to defend Etheria from the Old Ones’ army!

Eternity boasts all new missions, new features, a rebalanced endgame, secure online play (no more hacking!), along with a wide selection of content from the original game. Now is the perfect time to experience Dungeon Defenders and its expansions the way they were meant to be played!


  • Defend with towers
  • Four-player online co-op
  • Ground-breaking story about a group of children who try to save the world
  • Level up 12 different hero classes
  • Argue about which hero is the best on our forums
  • Kill an Ogre with a chainsaw sword
  • Fight a gigantic dragon (Spoiler!)
  • Put some wings on your heroes and dye their clothes pink — because you can
  • Look up the best map builds online; pass this knowledge off as your own

Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - screenshot

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