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EerieSynth v1.2 Apk | 3.2 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

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EerieSynth is a fast, high quality, live performance-oriented, multi-touch synthesiser. EerieSynth was designed to allow fine slide-based expression in two dimensions across a familiar piano keyboard interface. Foregoing the use of samples, EerieSynth offers you access to its underlying synthesiser, featuring two oscillators with four waveforms, six types of filters and two routable LFOs, as well as the option to attach an LFO to the Y-Axis. The synth’s abilities are further increased by an analog-like delay that allows smooth delay time changing (and thus some very wacky effects), endless feedback and timbre manipulation via a lowpass and highpass filter.

While EerieSynth is primarily aimed at creating expressive lead sounds, polyphony allows the creation of lush pad sounds, and the sliding interaction enables vast multitouch expression that cannot be achieved on a real synthesiser. Easily change between continuous sliding and snap-to-note if you think you have trouble staying in tune.

Interestingly, EerieSynth can generate male, female and childlike voice sounds, with its carefully designed formant filters. In this mode it is possible to manipulate the vowel in real time, to make the synth appear to speak expressively. This allows the creation of soaring soprano voices and heavy baritone growls.

Perhaps most importantly, EerieSynth fills your entire screen with a variable octave keyboard, taking full advantage of both tablet and phone screens without cluttering the interface with anything that isn’t necessary for your performance.

The current version of EerieSynth contains a series of presets that will be expanded over time. A series of updates are planned to add additional features and functionality, and your feedback is important to us.

We hope you enjoy this synthesiser, and stay with us as we improve it and release further software.

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