Fantasy Vengeance MMO (Full) v1.6 Apk

Fantasy Vengeance MMO (Full) apk


Fantasy Vengeance MMO (Full) v1.6 Apk | 5 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 up to 2.37

Face endless pvp battles,defend your Kingdom,kill monsters! Get your Vengeance!


Fantasy Vengeance is the new Massive Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game (MMORPG)!

This is the Donation Version of Fantasy Vengeance – Angry MMO! to support our Team. You can freely download and play to the free version at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msquaredapplications.fantasyvengeance

Face angry players in a timeless war, in these forsaken lands where dark legends are awaiting you!
Defend your Kingdom against other players in an endless pvp battle, kill monsters, goblins and dragons! Send your commander lady to lead your troops against the enemy castle! Get your revenge in the Fantasy Vengeance’s world!
The innovation of this game is the great mix of strategical/managerial elements with real time PVP fighting, it is an endless online multiplayer game adventure dipped into an amazing fantasy background! This is in continuous expansion and amazingly represented by eye-catching illustrations that makes Fantasy Vengeance a great artwork and the best mmo. You will be fascinated by deep soundtracks that led with you through your gameplay experience. Rise your Kingdom, conquer, defeat your enemies and rise the rankings! Fantasy Vengeance is your fantasy online free to play parallel world, always available wherever and whenever you want!

“Excellent! I feel proud to play this, the team had worked with heavy efforts on it they listen all our suggestions now im at rank 1” – Rakesh
“If you like to play travian, ogame, evony and browser game or empire building game, you’ll never stop to play this one!” – Andrea
“Nice gameplay,nice grafic,nice style.An advice:dowload it! The best mmorpg and realtime strategy rts rpg that I have played!” – Alessio
“Rating master, Very good game. Takes a while to get goin but keeps me interested an comin back” – Mike
“Fantasy Vengeance: quality game with limitless potential.Great job guys” – Richard
“Try it! Way better than other MMO out there! This is one of the best online multiplayer games that you must download and it deserve to be played, not the same stupids games like the whole Storm8 saga” – Marco
“Good, I like mmorpg and rpg a lot” – Jojo
“This game has lots of potential. But well worth trying. You will have lots of fun. Here is another game worth trying called Rage of Bahamut” – Vidar
“I usually play to others RPG like ZENONIA saga, TibiaME MMO, Pocket/Dark/Star Legends but this one have a different style, really appreciated. It is like travian or ogames, good game dynamics but most MMO and RPG than others. Graphic is great. Download it!” – Marco
“Great mmo! Finally a real mobile mmo/rts that takes time to play” – Jeremy
“Great game! This is a very tactically involved game. If you like tactics i would strongly recommend this game. They keep improving game quality” – Troy
“Very nice strategy game! A must download” – Magno