Flora Live Wallpaper + Widget v1.0.1 Apk

Flora Live Wallpaper + Widget apk


Flora Live Wallpaper + Widget v1.0.1 Apk | 9 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Immerse yourself into the amazing world, full of wonderful flora and fauna


For this price you get wonderful Live Wallpaper and stunning Time//Date//Weather Widget, with low battery consumption!

Phones, Tablets are supported. Also works great in landscape mode.

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Wonderful God-rays, shining through the swaying tree branches, bring you uplifting feelings.
Beautiful and colorful butterflies hover during the daytime, but hide when the night comes and forest gets filled with mystical fireflies. As you tap the scene butterflies follow your touches. But if you try to touch the fireflies they smoothly fly away.

When the night comes you can light up the forest with the lantern by double tapping it.
Some say that you can watch running water forever.
Deeply in the forest you will find a relaxing area with an ancient fountain that can be double tapped to let the water flow.

Inside you will find:
– Stunning sun-rays effect and interactive fountain with realistic water, living nature
– Parallax effect
– Low ram and battery consumption
– Amazing butterflies with customizable colors and quantity, that react to your actions
– Adjustable amount of falling leaves
– Day/Night transition
– Interactive lantern light
– Fancy interactive fireflies with customizable colors
– Functional and stylish Widget lets you know the exact time, date, weather and what is more – lets you set your alarm in just a few taps on the digital clock
– Dozens of variations
– 5% of each sale goes to animal welfare charity

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