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Frontier Gunners 0.10.10 Apk | 43 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

4 people play simultaneously! SF motif MOTPS Cancer Action “FrontierGunners (Frontier gunner Version)” α

[Suggest to the game, reported here;


“FrontierGunners (Frontier gunner)” is a gun action game defeat the boss to cooperate up to four people to stage the planet.

Mission, but you can play any one person, invite friends in the lobby, you will be promoting more dominant game by playing a mission together.
Players gain experience as a mercenary by going to clear the mission to be redeem from mercenary guild, we are ready to accept a high degree of mission more difficult.

You can also use the reward points and growth can be obtained by achieving the mission, to enhance the character and weapons.
You can make no other, the strongest character of your own.

About the α test;
α test, check the behavior of the application “Gunner frontier”, which is the early stages of development, will be testing with the aim of such testing and various bug fixes and game content the server is running.

We will also be allowed to develop in the future reflected through α test for, to hear a wide demand from the customer, to the game better.

[Test item]
In the α test, perform this test for the following items mainly.
• Check operation of the application
• Check operation of the server
• Check the corresponding model
Check and balance game
• Check other defect

Maintenance of the “frontier version gunner α” and is following.

Tuesday 14:00 to 17:00

With regard to maintenance schedule information is expected to be allowed in the game and advance notice at official site.

[Business Support]
Contact Us
Corresponding reply was received inquiries about the contents, you are made within three business days at (10am – 6pm) hours, excluding weekends and holidays and our holiday prescribed.

[Server] business monitoring
In “Frontier version gunner α”, server monitoring for business,
As with the Contact us, we will support our business hours except for certain holidays and weekends and holidays only (10am – 6pm).
In the rest of the time, you will get time to recover the server is down.
We look forward to acknowledge your understanding and in advance.

About the data during the test α;
data during the test α is expected to be reset at the end α test.

In addition, during the test α, by our judgment, some of the data involved in the α test, it may remove all or without prior notice, to change.

[How to start the game;
After you read the policy “violations” “Terms of Use” on the official site “frontier version gunner α”, after understanding the contents,
We then tap the “Download” banner of the official website, please download the application.