GalaxyLaser VSBOSS 1.2.7 Apk

GalaxyLaser VSBOSS apk

GalaxyLaser VSBOSS 1.2.7 Apk | 6 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:1.6 and up


Beat the boss who appears one after another!

It is a length scroll shooting game that defeats the boss of GALAXYLASER and ACT2 that appears one after another.
Please experience the combat by couple 1 with bosses.

【 story 】
The distress signal was received from a certain planet, and you were facing the planet.
Even the planet attainment is a little.

It is time when it had tried to report to the headquarters so.
Your airframe appeared suddenly the wormhole to interrupt the way.
The airframe is swallowed to the worm home without the done way.

The scenery that has not been seen has extended to the vicinity when you unconscious wake up at a while.
The world like cyberspace without outskirts. You were tossed there with [potsuri].
“Became a troublesome thing. ”
You confirm radar so that may understand the current state by you when muttering. Then, there were two or more machine shadows toward here.

“Meet of the companion … [Nawake] is [naina]. ”
[Kikage] will have approached before long so that it is possible to confirm it by even watching.
There was an appearance of the enemy whom you had knocked down by the current fight there.

And, they seem not to be still amiable.
The remainder energy of the airframe is a little. To settle it at once, you drew out the performance of the airframe to the maximum.

The fight in the world without outskirts starts now.

【 ..confirming the operation.. model 】
・Xperia arc
・Galaxy S
・Galaxy Tab
・REGZA Phone


・Desire HD

・Nexus One

The new body can be used now by introducing a point system. However, when you obtain the point from banner advertising, please be sure to peruse an advertising site.


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