(HD) Ocean Bubble Shooter Pro v1.3.20 Apk Mediafire

(HD) Ocean Bubble Shooter Pro apk


(HD) Ocean Bubble Shooter Pro v1.3.20 Apk | 2 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Great game! Lots of levels. Graphics great and sounds are arcade like. !!

Game Review:

The coolest Bubble Shooter game has been launched for Android! Ocean Bubble (HD) Supports battles over WiFi or Bluetooth, allows a two player game on one device and Offers VS against AI’s of various Levels. Also included:
Solo Arcade consisting of 600+ Levels!
Solo Survival mode, Free Level Online Store (400+ additional levels now) and Level Editor…Similar “Bubble Shooter” games will pale in comparison and Ocean Bubble (HD) will fast become your favorite and final choice!
A definite “must have” for Tablet users!!What makes it different from other “Bubble Shooter” games?

Local Battle

  • VERY exciting game action! Play with family and/or friends on one device (Tablet or Pad type device is best) or with two devices synced together with WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

The Bigger The Better!

  • HD – No matter how large your device screen, because of the use of Vectors to render the game UI, the screen(s) are always crystal clear and sharp.

Simple and Precise Operation

  • Tap (touch) the screen directly to determine the direction the Bubble will travel.

 Powerful Robots (AI)

  • When you think you are good enough ;o) and there are no other players around, you can play against the System AI. Some of them are very tough – give it a try!

Pet Robots

  • Train your very own Pet Robot to represent you to challenge (and beat 😉 Local Game opponents.

Enhanced (two mode) Solo Game – Arcade and Survival

  • After unlocking, choose your choice of Level from the Level Previews. With score Rating and Ranking – can you become the Head Boss??

Online Store and Level Editor

  • With these two innovative and unique features, you will ALWAYS be challenged with new Levels to play!!

Combo Counter

  • When playing Solo Arcade or Solo Survival, you will receive extra points toward your score when you Combo Eliminate bubbles. DO NOT underestimate this feature!!

Ocean Bubble(HD) can also be moved onto Memory (SIM/SD) card.


Features of the Pro Version include:

  • NO ADS, More System Robots, Pet Robot with NO LEVEL LIMITATIONS, Continuous Cumulative Versus Score, download store level without limitation ,etc.


Battle Mode :

  • All bubbles that drop from one side – will be received on the other side.
  • When more than three bubbles are burst on one side, additional bubbles will be received on the other side.
  • When one side bursts a Combo of three or more bubbles, the other side will receive additional bubbles also.


What’s in this version:

  • Refine some UI on tablet, auto scale the font size.
  • Remove cheat records in endless level.
  • Change rule of pet robot combo win, now, when the game result is not win, defeated or quit, the combo win will be terminated.



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