Honkai Impact 3rd v3.4.0 [Mod] Apk

Honkai Impact 3rd Apk

Download>> Honkai Impact 3rd v3.4.0 [Mod] Apk | 70 MB | Resumable Links |
Requires : Android 4.3 and up |

The dim twilight devours the setting sun. The prelude to the judgment has begun.

Honkai Impact 3rd

What’s New

  • [Battlesuit] Augmented battlesuit – Twilight Paladin activated
  • [Storyline] Story Chapter XII: Plain of Vigrid released
  • [Event] Ready yourself for the St. Freya Fiesta
  • [System] All-new PRI-ARMs and sweet bonuses
  • [Equipment] Weapons Hekate’s Gloom, ARC Serratus & stigmata set Kafka available

Game Review:

The dim twilight devours the setting sun. The prelude to the judgment has begun.
[Violet Executer] Augmented: [Twilight Paladin]!
Fervent blood ignites battle wrath. Your verdict under the pale new moon shall become the ode of victory!

Honkai Impact 3rd APK Features:

[Plain of Vigrid]

  • As Bronya ventures deeper into the Sea of Quanta, Theresa’s squad faces grim dangers.
    Engulfed by the serpent’s shadow, Seele finds herself in a strange bubble universe…
  • Story Chapter XII has been released and LTO chapter challenges are available! Participate in this event to win a 4-star stigma, Twilight Cores, and more!

[St. Freya Fiesta]

  • The splendid St. Freya Fiesta kicks off! Jovial company and thrilling games await!
    Puzzle labyrinths, whimsical adventures… It’s too much fun for you to miss!
  • Join the event to win Valkyrie Pledge’s school outfit, an exclusive anniversary stigma, loads of crystals and awesome merch!


  • New PRI-ARM weapon type is now unlocked to take combat to another level!
    [MAG-Typhoon] & [Frozen Naraka] have joined the arsenal. Battle like never before!
  • Level Cap has also been increased to 85! Level up to win Honkai Cube, PRI-ARM upgrade materials, and more!

[Equipment Updates]

  • Sunder the night sky with [Hekate’s Gloom], the unstoppable twilight blade from the Pantheon series.
  • Kiana’s unyielding spirit echoes within [ARC Serratus], the ultimate weapon she created with her Herrscher power.
  • Legendary novelist [Kafka] has joined the arsenal to assist Captains in the war against Honkai!

Honkai Impact 3rd Mod:

  • NO CD






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