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MAVEN Voice Recorder Pro v1.9.1 Apk | 2 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

MAVEN Recorder is a great tool that enables you to record high quality audio on your Android device in a simple and quick way.

App Review:

 It provides you with 3 different recording modes (voice, music, and general) in order to match your purpose of the recording. Supporting various sampling rates will give you a freedom to select the quality of the recording depending on the situation, and it is equipped with a pause button, so you can easily start and stop the recording repeatedly at any time you like while the recording. It can also work in Background Service mode both for recording and replaying.In addition MAVEN Recorder enables high quality playing with its Noise suppressor, Automatic Volume Stabilization, Time Scale Modification.
1. Even if recorded sound is too quite due to distance between the microphone and the user, the volume compression setting pulls soft sounds louder and clearer.
2. AVS generates a more enjoyable balance by moderating the dynamic audio range. The volume compression setting pulls loud and soft sounds toward a mid-point in the dynamic range.
3. Improving intelligibility by eliminating unwanted noise and hum.
4. Recorded signal can be played faster or slower. (50%~ 200%)Main Features
1. Recording File Format Support : wav, mp3
2. Recording Sampling Rate Supported : 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1Khz
3. Recording Mode Supported : Normal, Voice, Music
4. Play Mode Supported : AVS(Automatic Volume Stabilization)
5. Play Mode Supported : TSM(Time Scale Modification)
6. Play Mode Supported : NS(Noise Suppressor)
7. Recording Level Meter Support
8. Record, Play, Stop, Pause, Loop
9. Application movable to SD Card
10. Folder Support
11. Bluetooth
12. Render
13. Sort
14. Settings for incoming calls while recordingLanguage Translations
1. English
2. Korean
3. Chinese
4. Japanese 




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