Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper Full v2.1 Apk

Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper Full apk


Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper Full v2.1 Apk | 5 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up


We don’t know who they are…

This is the Key for Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper. It provides umlimited access to all themes and options but does nothing on its own. It will be invisible in the app drawer, but can be uninstalled via the Manage applications interface.

Requires OpenGL ES 2.0 support. Not recommended for low performance and HTC Sence 3.0+ devices.

Mysterious metaballs arrived from an unknown part of the universe. We dont know who they are. Discover new form of life!

Beautiful live wallpaper with 12 amazing predefined themes and lots of customization options.

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♥ Melons at the Beach. Beautiful sunny beach with girls and melons!
♥ Burning Space. Crazy metadance with fire in deep space.
♥ Ghosts. Almost invisible ghosts on your screen! Don’t be scared!
♥ Little Baby. Cute little baby in front of the sun and blue sky. Pick your own picture from gallery!
♥ Dark Shadows. Dark Side of the Power!
♥ Butterfly Magic. Incredible evening on the lake!
♥ Wise cat. Big intelligent cat!
♥ Nibbler and Leela. Famous Leela from Futurama and her best friend Nibler!
♥ Metagalaxy. Balls galaxy!
♥ Minimalistic. Simply Yin Yang!
♥ Flowers. Lovely daisies growing!
♥ Alien Planet. Native balls planet, orbital view.
♥ Your own theme. Customize background and balls images, balls count, speed, color and trajectory, set up blur color, saturation, speed, opacity and be pleasantly surprised. Metaballs can do the trick!

The first 4 themes are completely free, other 8 and all options fully available in the first 8 hours, then in preview mode only.
To get unlimited access to all themes and options please buy Metaballs HD Key.

Hamster Beat Team.
All delicious android apps by hamsters drummers.

  1. Install Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper v2.1 APK
  2. Install Metaballs HD LWP Key v1.1 APK
  3. Remove license verification in KEY using Lucky Patcher
  4. Launch the wallpaper!



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