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Missile Control apk


Missile Control v1.0.14 Apk | 24 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

Build and launch an arsenal of missiles along hand drawn paths!

Game Review:

Build and launch an arsenal of missiles along hand drawn paths. Intercept the enemy forces before they reach your base. Balance your attack and defence to achieve the ultimate victory!

*** GAMEPLAY ***

Take some meaty old-school Missile Command style gameplay. Sprinkle in some Flight Control style line-drawing, add a little pinch of wave defence and voilà! Missile Control!

Stop landing those planes and start blowing them up! Flip the ‘line drawing’ genre on its head and draw the paths for your missiles directly. Path them to intercept an incoming missile or enemy supply plane or perhaps punch through the defensive lines and take out the silos directly.

Battle through the missions to unlock more regions and missile types. Each region provides a unique layout and objective.

Choose from a variety of unique missile types. Each with special features. Take out multiple enemies with a nuke or teleport through defensive lines to target specific units. Defending your base can be stressful! Find yourself in a tight spot? Then press the big red button and nuke em all!


Mastered the existing regions? Try for high scores in the challenge mode maps for each region. Survive the un-ending enemy assault as long as possible!

*** FEATURES ***

– Touch screen controls to draw paths for your missiles to follow.
– Different missile variants all with unique after-touch effects. Boost, divide, teleport and nuke your way to victory!
– Protect your supply planes to gain bonus credits and super weapons.
– Super weapons available! Collect them in game or purchase them at the store.
– Multiple game modes.
– Battle over various geographic regions and complete specific mission objectives.
– Mission based high scores.
– Time controls.
– Build combos to increase score generation.

What’s in this version:

  • – Reduced the unlock cost for each region. This makes it a bit quicker to unlock everything.
  • – Bug fixes
  • – There are no level restrictions anymore. Free to unlock any region at any time (with enough credits)
  • – The back button will now quit the game
  • – Improved app icon
  • – Improved some visual effects
  • – Performance increased
  • – Shadows will sort themselves better now


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