Mobile Observatory – Astronomy v1.99.3 Apk Mediafire

Mobile Observatory - Astronomy apk


Mobile Observatory – Astronomy v1.99.3 Apk | 13 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Mobile Observatory – The Astronomy App for your Smart Phone

App Review:

Mobile Observatory is one of the most complete astronomy app on the Android market and the perfect tool for anybody interestered in the sky’s wonders, from the occassional sky gazer to the passionate astronomy-amateur.

You want to know if the next lunar eclipse is visible from your location or when the next bright comet is visible? You would like to be notified by your smart phone the next time, Jupiter and the Moon meet in the sky? You want to know what the blazing bright object in the evening sky is? You want to be always up-to-date which celestial events are visible from your location? Then this app is a must have for you!

The app does not only include a live, zoomable sky map telling you what sky object you are looking at but provides you with loads of detailed extra information on stars, planets, deep sky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solar eclipses as well as detailed ephemeris of all included sky objects and an interactive top-down view of the Solar System. All that in just one app!

Mobile Observatory provides the following features:

– Zoomable sky map showing stars, planets, asteroids, deep sky objects, currently active meteor streams
– Interactive top-down view of the Solar System showing the actual positions of all planets, the Moon and asteroids
– Live mode (point device on sky and get information on what you see)
– Calendar showing detailed descriptions of celestial events for up to the next 31 days
– Push celestial events to your phone’s calendar and set a reminder alarm
– Rise, set, and transit times for any object
– Position of any object in the sky (altitude and direction)
– Twilight times, length of day
– Bright Star Catalog (~9000 stars) with detailed information about each star
– Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete with images
– Caldwell Catalog (110 objects) complete with images
– Meteor streams (begin, maximum, hourly rate, …)
– Lunar and solar eclipses information
– Bright comets (automatically selected according to the date)
– Bright asteroids (total of 5000 in the database)
– Moon phases, the apparent view of the sun and planets
– Current image of the Sun and sun spot number
– Widget with rise & set times of the Sun and Moon (works only if the app is not copied to the SD card!)
– Automatic location determination from the mobile network or GPS
– Select a location from a built-in database of 20 000 cities or online via Google Maps
– Choose any time and date
– Detailed ephemeris, visibility information of all objects
– Dates of conjunctions between any object with planets or the Moon (e.g. find the next conjunction of the Pleiades with the Moon)
– Animated 3D-view of the Moon and the planets
– Accurate calculations for dates between 1900 and 2100

No internet connection is required for the calculations (only for the live-image of the sun). Mobile Observatory uses OpenGL to display the apparent view of the planets and the Moon.

What’s in this version:

  • Small update with mainly bug fixes
  • Note: The extended PPM star catalog must be downloaded again due to structural changes.
  • – Icon for direct access to Jupiter’s satellites via Main Menu
  • – Great Red Spot transit times for Jupiter (on Ephemeris page)
  • – Three brightest comets (including PANSTARRS) and minor planets always displayed in Sky View
  • – Faint stars of PPM catalog can be double-clicked in Sky View for more information
  • – Initial start page for detailed object information can be modified


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