mobion music global premium v3.3.0 Apk

mobion music global premium apk


mobion music global premium v3.3.0 Apk | 10 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:1.6 and up


Music&Karaoke player + video + lyrics music recognition

The launch of the Mobion Music Premium Version!

Popular Features

* Simple and easy to use, mobion music widget let’s you listen to your music while doing anything and anytime from your phone, no internet connection required.
* Whether you’re watching TV, at the café or shopping catch every song with mobion music advanced recognition technology.
* All of your songs from your iPod lyrics uploaded automatically.
(1,500,000 western titles plus 150,000 Japanese titles)
Also your lyrics are displayed as if your very own karaoke room, although we recommend you sing with friends, it can be fun! Lyrics highlighted as they are sung allowing you to follow along and belt out the words!
* Hi-resolution CD covers for all your songs, when available.
* Take your music experience to another level and connect socially via the SNS mobion service and chat with other music enthusiasts.
* My Playlist allows you to create and add functions to your play lists.
* The Personal Streaming video player allows you to create and manage your video list, add new videos and endlessly replay your favorite music videos!
* You can add/edit lyrics and even create karaoke lyrics for your favorite songs
* Song Data Correction feature that scans your entire music library and automatically corrects all titles, artist names and lyrics if anything was wrong or incomplete!

The differences between the Premium and Free versions:
Premium    Free
Ads in the application Not Included     Included
FREE Music Data Correction Tickets 50 Tickets     5 Tickets
mobion login      Login Not Required Login Required

There are no advertisements. The player screen window is enlarged and the CD artwork is in higher quality.(※2)
(※1: When accessing for the first time users will receive 50 music data correction tickets.) Additional tickets can be purchased later on. Music Play 3 (mp3) files are supported.
(※2:Please note when connected to mobion users are on the mobile net, at this time advertisements will appear.)

For further information, please contact us at Twitter:@mobion_musicJP
or Email us from the application’s Set Up Menu: Feedback tab

—Comments on twitter—

“mobion music is awesome—!”
“The Karaoke function is really good! The lyrics are scrolled to match the song!”
“Using as my main music player. Like the quality of the sound and sns link.”
“Wow, I can get James Brown lyrics!”
“Like the YouTube link. Also like that I can know who is listening to the same songs.”

—More Functions—

■Supports Bluetooth

■Link function between Lyric Search and Song Play

■Displays Song Info
-Artist, biography and CD covers
-YouTube, iTunes store and album reviews
-Recommends Related artists
-Google search lyrics is currently not supported

■Music map
-See who is using the app around you and what they are listening too


■Alarm setting, wake up to your favorite song

■Auto-Tweet capabilities

■Shake n’ Share : Test your compatibility with anyone based on your music library

■Data back up and data recovery, so you can rest assured your data it will always be there, don’t forget to use it!

 When using other services you need to be connected using 3G, Wi-Fi, etc. When using just the music player you do not need any network connection so you can listen to your music anytime you want.

・Supports Android 1.6

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