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MoreQuicklyPanel apk


MoreQuicklyPanel Apk | 1 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:3.0 and up

The best partner of GALAXY Nexus, HTC One series and ICS Xperia series!!


The problems on Android 3.x are fixed.
Check and Toggle status MORE QUICKLY at any time from a notification panel.
MoreQuicklyPanel is the customizable toggle widget stays at a notification panel.
Only for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 3.x Honeycomb.

– 15 function buttons
— Airplane mode: Display airplane mode status and toggle it.
— Silent mode: Display silent mode status and toggle it. Normal -> Vibrate -> Silent and Normal again.
— Wi-Fi: Display Wi-Fi status and toggle it.
— Bluetooth: Display bluetooth status and toggle it.
— GPS: Display GPS status and open GPS settings.(Apps cannot change GPS status by the system security.)
— Auto-rotate screen: Display automatic screen rotation status and toggle it.
— Accounts & sync (Auto-sync): Display accounts & sync (auto-sync) status and toggle it.
— Brightness: Display brightness status and toggle it. Auto -> Dim -> Normal -> Max and Auto again.
— Mobile network settings: Open ‘Mobile network settings’ screen. You can toggle 2G/3G/4G and ‘Mobile data (Data enabled)’ from there.
— WiFi hotspot (Beta): Display portable WiFi hotspot status and toggle it. This function is released for test purpose. Please try carefully and report the result.
— Mobile data: On / Off mobile data = data access over Mobile network. Equivalent to [Settings] > [Data usage] > [Mobile data] and [Settings] > [More…] > [Mobile networks] > [Data enabled] .
— Flashlight (NEW!): On / Off LED flashlight. Except GALAXY Nexus, the dedicated flashlight apps are recommended.
— Battery: Display battery meter and open battery status screen.
— MoreQuicklyPanel settings: Open MoreQuicklyPanel settings.
— Close notification panel: Close a notification panel.

– You can select items to show.
– You can select lamp color.
– You can customize items to display and arrange order.
– You can start MoreQuicklyPanel automatically at boot time.
– While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth state are changing, the icons blink.
– You can hide the notification icon at the status bar.
– BEST FIT for GALAXY Nexus!

*This Wi-Fi widget only enables or disables Wi-Fi. It dose not care to connect the Wi-Fi access point.

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