My 3D Fish II v2.3 Apk

My 3D Fish apk

Download>> My 3D Fish II v2.3 Apk | 3.5 MB | Resumable Links
Requires Android:2.1 and up |

My 3D Fish is your new virtual 3D Aquarium.

My 3D Fish II

What’s in this version:

  • Fixed ‘jumping’ texture issues.
  • Fishes swims more naturally.
  • Preparing to next updates

App Review:

My 3D Fish is your new virtual 3D Aquarium, it’s a live wallpaper, all in realtime in 3D. If You like plant aquariums or fish aquariums, then you’ll love this wallpaper too 🙂

Aquarium have new beautiful backgrounds, plants, fishes, tank decorations. You may customize many options, and ON/OFF many elements.


+ Predefined Aquarium (7 types)

+ Many 3D Fish Types (7) :
. Nemmo White (Clownfish)
. Nemmo Black (Clownfish)
. Dorry (Blue-Yellow Tang)
. French Angelfish
. Majestic Angelfish
. Koi Kohaku
. Koi Tancho Sanke

+ 5 Center Decors : Columns, Vase, Lost Ring, Root,
Stone lantern

+ 1 Decors Two : High Bamboos

+ 5 Aquatium bottoms : Sand, Pebbles, Water moss,
Sand dunes, Zen sand

+ 4 Plants types : Water grass, Typha plants,
Sea anemones, Bamboo

+ 5 Water types : Blue-White, Blue, Light cave, Shipweck, Sea rocks

+ Plankton moves in water, more 3D look
+ The fishes are bigger (closer swims to you)
+ The fishes swimming more on screen and more quietly
+ Fish on/off
+ Decor Center on/off
+ Decor Two on/off
+ Plants on/off
+ Water on/off
+ Caustic speed
+ Caustic shines
+ Plankton speed, Planktos size , on/off
+ You may tap fish
+ Move screen in TOP-BOTTOM and LEFT-RIGHT
+ Tablets and phones are supported

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