MyPOD Podcast Manager PRO v0.995.37 Apk Mediafire

MyPOD Podcast Manager PRO apk


MyPOD Podcast Manager PRO v0.995.37 Apk | 1.5 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

MyPOD is full-featured and very powerful podcast app for the power-user!!

App Review:

 It can take a bit of time to learn (there is extensive help available) but with a bit of config it will download and keep you up to date with all your fave audio or video podcasts … no syncing with desktops or other servers.See below for permission usage …

If you have a particular problem you want help with, then SEND ME AN EMAIL (use email link in settings or on the app page) – I can’t really help you if you just leave a comment as I can’t get back to you …

It is quite popular with podcast junkies. If you like it please take the time to leave a comment … it *really* is appreciated.

People seem to love it or hate it … If you have problems, then get in touch via the feedback links in the settings page or below – I am always eager to help. the UI feedback is not great as you can see from the comments – but the people who get it, like it – so it might be worth your time. But if you are a UI snob then this app is most likely not for you. Some people just want simple apps with a few options – this is not that app.



  • * Automatic update and download of podcasts, all fully configurable.
  • * Integrated dual player for listening to Voice & Music simultaneously.
  • * Online podcasts catalog from easily finding and adding to your podcast list.
  • * Integrated browser for finding feeds and music.
  • * Remote Management from desktop (using browser and WIFI) – You can plug your device into your stereo and control your podcasts from your computer/netbook.
  • o You can also manage you podcasts using this interface, so you can easily serach for podcasts on you desktop and just copy in the RSS URL.
  • * tablet / tv support.
  • * Tracking for all podcasts listened to & history.
  • * Download on power/wifi.
  • * Import/Export OPML.
  • * Import from google reader.
  • * Automatic space management (chose amount of space to use or keep free).
  • * Username/password (401) support for paid feeds
  • * Playlists.
  • * Android widget.

What’s in this version:

  • – fixed home screen lockups
  • – preperation for v2 migration.


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