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Mythic Diggers apk


Mythic Diggers v1.03 Apk | 10 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and Up

Based on the Amiga classic. Command your team of diggers through the depths of Kavros, mining gold and gems to fund your race’s war effort!!

Gamer Review:

Each territory is contested by a team of enemy diggers, aiming to beat you to the territory’s target, but they may be the least of the dangers hidden in the depths…

– Choose your path through 26 campaign maps.

– Jump straight into the action with Free Play. Random map, random opponent and random target.

– Play as cunning Wizards, Dwarven prospectors, Goblin engineers or Orcish warriors.

– Explore huge underground areas.

– Buy items for fast mining, combat or sabotage to gain an advantage over the opponent.

– Use the mythical creatures you encounter to assist you or hinder the enemy.

– Dig pitfalls, flood tunnels and discover secret locations.


If crashes occur while using a dual core device such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, upgrade your device’s firmware to the latest version (Ice-cream Sandwich or later) or disable sound from within the game options.

What’s in this version : 

  • Levels:
  • Minor tweaks to:
    • Logodon Deeps
    • Bothrop’s Aquarium
    • Balloonport
  • Added missing amethysts to Stonefall starting areas.


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