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Quicker v1.9.7 Apk | 870 KB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

ired of browsing through the endless setting menus?

App Review:

T Want to have most important settings & shortcuts at a single easily accessible place? Try Quicker – a highly configurable app for all your settings and shortcuts!

Note: if you experience issues with brightness widget on Android 4.0 make sure you have no SwipePad running. It breaks this function.

– Brightness (w/ Screen Dimmer for convenient usage of the phone in the darkness)
– Ringer mode
– Volume streams
– Bluetooth
– Wi-Fi
– Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot*
– GPS**
– Mobile Data**
– Call settings
– Auto-sync
– Screen timeout
– Airplane mode
– Auto rotation
– Screen lock pattern

– Battery
– Free memory (internal, external)
– App cache
– Digital clock

– System shortcuts
– Application shortcuts
– Flashlight (screen and LED)***

– Battery indicator in status bar
– Settings backup (configure once and restore at any time later)
– Quick launch via status bar shortcut or by long-pressing hardware “search” button

Quicker uses following permissions:
– “Storage” for backup / restore feature
– “GPS location” for switching GPS on/off (see **)
– “Take picture & video” for LED flashlight
– “Directly call” for the shortcut widget when you adding a direct call shortcut
– “Reading log data” for being able to report issues
– “System tools” permissions for changing various system settings
Quicker uses these permissions for the purposes listed above only.

*) Not available for some Android version and phones
**) Direct switch is available for some Android versions and phones
***) LED flashlight might not be compatible to some phones

What’s in this version : (Updated : Dec 22, 2012)

  • New “Shortcut with icon” option
  • Fixed Screen Dimmer on Android 4.2
  • Some more improvements for Android 4.2



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