Remote Android Mouse Full v2.31 Apk

Remote Android Mouse Full v2.31 Apk | 564 KB | Mediafire

This application converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. Connection with your computer is made either using your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse also features speech-to-type which uses Google speech recognition to make your work easier.

v2.31 update:
– Supports both landscape and portrait orientation
– Double finger scroll bug fixed
– Automatic IP detection
– Media/System remote
– Dedicated numpad
– New color themes
– New UI
– Left handed mode
– Put your picture in the touch pad

Relax in your bed and search YouTube with your voice. You need to run AndroMouse Desktop Server in your computer to use AndroMouse. Please visit http://andromouse.com to download free desktop server, to watch an intro video and for a quick tutorial.

Mouse Features:
Tap click
Double tap to double click
Scroll with your two fingers (multi-touch)
Scroll bar
Easy dragging
Right click
Left handed mode

Keyboard Features:
Standard keyboard
Function and special keys
Ability to hold alt, ctrl and shift for combination keys

Other Features :
Auto IP detection
Connect using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (PC/MAC)
Color themes
Ability to add picture to mouse touch pad
Portrait and Landscape mode
Save recently used IPs
Easy connection
Clean UI

Numpad Features :
Dedicated numpad with multifunction keys

Mediaplayer Features :
Media remote with media buttons
Control your Windows Media Player/iTunes
Use your phone’s volume keys to control system volume
System remote
Use this remote to restart/logoff/shutdown your system


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