SC2 Audio Builds v0.0.2 Apk

SC2 Audio Builds apk


SC2 Audio Builds v0.0.2 Apk | 17 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.0 and up

SC2 Audio Builds gives you professional Starcraft 2 builds in audio form. We tell you out loud and in real-time what to build and when to build it while you play.


Try some epic MarineKing play-styles, some insane White-Ra special tactics, some sick Stephano macro, and much much more! We’ve got 40 builds for you to add to your arsenal and hone your skills.

This app is suitable for all skill levels. The builds give the professional timings by default, but for less-skilled players, there are options to slow down the build to suit your ability better. If you are falling behind, you can easily pause for 3 seconds by the click of a button as well.

The build starts when you tap anywhere on the screen right after you start your second worker. This makes it so when your game starts, you can be focused on the game. Then, at the first lull in the game (about 17-22 seconds into the game), you start the audio build and it picks up where you are in the game.

Features include:
Record your win/loss stats of each build.
Use slower timings based on your League placement (Grandmaster, Masters, etc.)
Real time updates of what your supply should be, as well as your supply capacity.
View the last 2 commands and the next 3, with the very next command easily visible.
Light on the battery.
13 Terran Builds, 13 Protoss Builds, 14 Zerg Builds
Great developer support. Submit a request and we’ll be on it ASAP.