Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser v2.1.0 Apk

Sleipnir Mobile Web Browser apk

Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser v2.1.0 Apk | 2 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

You can operate multiple pages quickly and easily with one hand.


★ v2.0 new functions: Extension functions that can be freely added implemented!

■ What are extensions
They are functions to change the layout of, or to add specific functionality to Web pages.
Add extensions to Sleipnir Mobile just like when adding apps to your Android device, to make your daily browsing much easier.

For example,
・Extension to automatically translate pages
Automatically translate pages that differ to your specified language into the language of your choice.

・Extension to change URL text into links
URLs that are not displayed as links are automatically converted to links so that you don’t have to waste time copying and pasting them into the address bar. Supported for http, https, ftp, ttp, e-mail addresses.

・Extension to share URLs and titles using Intent
You can share both URLs and titles using Intent when you tap images in opened pages.

Use the above and the many other functions to reduce those troublesome tasks and to improve your browser experience.

Extensions can be downloaded from the Extensions Gallery(http://extensions.fenrir-inc.com/).
Also displayable from the management screen of [Extensions] from the menu.
Extensions can be installed by just tapping the buttons, without any need to restart the application.

[Other popular extensions]
・Linkify Plus+
・Niko Tube Geddan
・Download mp4 from Dailymotion
・View past logs on 2 channel

Please check out the Extensions Gallery for further details.

■ What is Sleipnir Mobile
Sleipnir Mobile is the smartphone based web browser available for iPhone / iPad, Windows Phone and of course Android devices, that helps you browse the Web with ease using the limitless possibilities of the highly customizable tabs and intuitive functionality possible with the vast selection of gestures. Also, you can sync bookmarks for free between your Android, iPhone / iPad, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac devices using the free cloud service – [Fenrir Pass].

※ Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition(fee charged) where you can change the search engine also available
■ Characteristic functions
・Gesture functions
Cleverly operate pages using the vast selection of gestures to go back and forward, close and restore pages, etc.

・Hold And Go
Hold down on links to open them in tabs in the background.

・Operate tabs by flicking them
Operate tabs by holding them down and flicking them in any direction.

・Protect tabs
Double tapping tabs protects them so you can not accidentally close them.

・Group tabs together using tab groups
Group tabs into work, shopping, social and other groups.
Leave open pages you always use.

・Usual Sites
Quickly access your favorite sites.

・Page display mode modification function
Modify the user agent to display pages using PC view, iPhone view, etc.

・Hot Topics
Updated information from various information sites can be viewed in new tabs.

■ Other functions
・Smart search: Select text and search
・Download files
・Search inside pages
・Full-screen browsing
・Import bookmarks from default browser
・Sort bookmarks
・Manage labels using FenrirFS bookmarks
・Facebook link function
・Search various sites
・Close the application by holding down the back button
・Share pages
・Search suggestions: Search candidates are displayed so you can search more quickly
Sleipnir Mobile will continue to be regularly updated using the opinions and requests provided from users.
Please provide your impressions and requests using the form below.

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