Smart tools™ v1.0 Apk

Smart tools apk


Smart tools™ v1.0 Apk | 7 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.3.3 and up

“All in one” application, which consists of a set of 7 powerful tools for Android.


It includes:

1. Flashlight
It gives you the possibility of using the LED flash of your Smartphone. If the Smartphone is not equipped with a flashlight then the screen will be instead of it.

2. Compass
Using it you will never get lost.

3. Protractor 3 modes

1) Using the protractor number one you can set the angle manually by touching the screen.
2) The protractor number two is equipped with a pendulum that will better define the desired angle. It is enough in the right moment to stop the pendulum with a simple finger touch.
3) The third protractor also has a pendulum. The main difference from the previous: Last protractor works with the Smartphone / tablet camera so you can change any angle, of any type.

4. Ruler
It allows you to measure the size of the object by putting them on the screen. You can measure the object with tenths of the millimeter. In the process of measurement can be used up to 2 fingers.

5. Spirit Level
Using the Spirit Level you can measure the evenness of the surface by putting your phone on it.

6. Sound level meter
It is an instrument for measuring the level of noise. Using sound level meter, you can easily find out in how loud environment you are.

7. Vibrometer
Device designed to control and measure vibration. Using it you can measure the overall vibration