SonicUltra v1.0.7 Apk

SonicUltra apk


SonicUltra v1.0.7 Apk | 1.7 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up

SonicUltra is a new way to send files. You do not need to input anything. Enjoy!


Wanna transfer a file to your friend nearby you? But he or she is not in your contact list? This app may help you.

SonicShare is a new way to send files. You do not need the wifi tethering, bluetooth, gps, nor input any ip, cloud link, email address, tel, id, nor select the names from a long contact list (but finally found that he is not in your list :P) In order to achieve a file transfer, the only thing you need is your friends are nearby you, both open this app, select the file/item, and click the SEND button. The file will be passed to your friends’ devices. Simple enough?

You can send any kinds of file. jpg, mp3, wmv, mp4, txt, xls, pdf, apk …. no format limitation. Besides the files, by using the interface provides by this app, you can also send URL, sms text, contact, android apps (apk), app market link, clipboard content, your predefined name card, web history, … This app also supports 1-to-many transfer, which means if you want to share a file to 10 friends, you just send once, then all your friends will receive the sent file in a few minutes. Interesting?

BTW, why do not use Bluetooth? Yes, bluetooth does the same thing. But it requires many approval steps and some compatibility problems between devices. Do you have any bad experience in sending files via bluetooth but fail finally after tons of annoying steps? I have many. 😛

If you want to contact me or want to be one of the developers, drop me a mail at cantfactory@gmail.com

Thanks a lot of trying my apps. Enjoy …

Please read the faq at http://sonic.cantfactory.com/faq.php

Software Compatibility:
It supports android version from 2.0 to 4.0.4(ICS).

Hardware Compatibility:
From my record, the following models can operate this app without problem:

Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
Galaxy S+ (GT-I9001)
Galaxy SL (GT-I9003)
Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
Galaxy Tab 7 (GT-P1000)
Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800)
Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570L)
Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830)
Galaxy Ace L (GT-S5830L)
Galaxy Nexus (mysid)
Galaxy Nexus (yakju)
Galaxy Nexus (yakjusc)
DoCoMo Galaxy Tab (SC-01C)
DoCoMo Galaxy S (SC-02B)
DoCoMo Galaxy Tab 7 (SC-02D)
DoCoMo Galaxy Note (SC-05D)
AT&T Galaxy S2 (SGH-I777)
AT&T Galaxy S (SGH-I997)
Desire HD (htc_ace)
Bravo (htc_bravo)
Chacha (htc_chacha)
Mecha (htc_mecha)
Pyramid (htc_pyramid)
EVO 4G (htc_supersonic)
Vigor (htc_vigor)
Desire-Z (htc_vision)
Mytouch 4G (full_glacier)
Nexus One (passion)
Ville (ville)
Xperia Arc S (LT18i_1255-1481)
Xperia S (LT26i_1257-9045)
Xperia mini pro (SK17a)
Xperia NX (SO-02D)
Defy (MB525)
Spyder (spyder_vzw)
Targa (targa_vzw)
Optimus (elini)
Optimus One P500 (thunderg)
Gelato NFC (lge_gelato)
Gigabyte G-Smart (G1355)
Huawei S7 Slim (SLIM_MTN_ZA)

*** Tested in some tabs which without telephony function. It can send signal but cannot receive. I found that their microphone cannot detect frequency higher than 16000 Hz. Sorry to say that this app cannot support those hardwares.

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