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Split Browser v1.8 Apk | 0.21 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:3.0 and up

Imagine if you could watch videos and write emails at the same time using your tablet! Or compare two web pages side by side, or take notes alongside a web page. Well, you can do all of that and more!

App Review:

Split Browser is two browsers in one, working side by side. It lets you browse two web pages independent of each other. You can open links from one half into the other half. It also includes a notepad that allows you to take notes from a web page. You can open multiple tabs and swap them between two halves. You can also resize the two halves to suit your needs. Simply put, it is a powerful tool for multitasking.Best suited for tablets and “phablets”.

Here’s a quick rundown of its important features:

• Resize the two browser halves by dragging the yellow divider line.
• Watch videos in full view within each half.
• Start new tabs and switch them between the two halves.
• Copy the current page over to the other half.
• Open links and bookmarks in the other half or in a new tab.
• Search for text in the web page in either halves separately.
• Open notepads in either halves to take notes and save/share them.
• Select text to copy and paste between two halves and notepads.
• Clear cache, history and cookies instantly or when exiting.
• View pages in desktop mode.

Be sure to check out the trial version to make sure it works in your device before buying this full version.


What’s in this version:


  • • Fixes file downloads from sites that require a login
  • • Fixes divider and tool bar issues
  • • Fixes restarts when attaching or removing external keyboard
  • • Fixes about:blank page and file:///android_asset issues
  • • Warns missing http:// or file:/// in start page settings
  • • Other minor fixes


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