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Requires Android:2.1 and up


Your Phone. Your Health. Your Call.

tawkon is a free app that alerts you when your phone radiation level spikes, and offers tips to help you lower it.

tawkon empowers you to live a healthier lifestyle…

What others are saying?

“The only Android App that protects users from cellular radiation exposure” – TNW
“You can do more, though. You can monitor your exposure using an app called tawkon” – THE NEW YORK TIMES
“Tawkon: Use it Now, Thank Me Later” – THE HUFFINGTON POST
“App Tracks Smartphones’ Radiation Exposure” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
“Rejected by Apple, Tawkon Radiation-Tracking App Launches on Android” – WIRED
tawkon selected as one of 15 Israeli Startups to watch in 2012 – BUSINESS INSIDER

-> CREATE HEALTHY HABITS: Just like you avoid pollution in the air, preservatives in food and other environmental risks, make sure your phone isn’t the source of ongoing radiation exposure.

-> BE AWARE: tawkon subtly alerts you when exposure to radiation rises during a call, with simple instructions to minimize risk and allows you to talkon. Real-time feedback confirms that your actions were effective.

-> PROTECT THEM: Monitor your family’s radiation exposure in addition to your own. Track their usage to see how much they are talking, and make sure they are responding to tawkon alerts.

And How Does It Work?

Cell phones provide communication from any location via a network of base stations (known as cell towers or antennas). Information is transmitted from the cell phone to the base station and vice versa via powerful, high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The level of radiation intensity is greatest when close to its source (the cell phone’s antenna) and decreases sharply when further from the phone.


Your phone is equipped with internal measurements that offer a clue as to its radiation output. The phone companies don’t offer this info up front, so tawkon tapped into it for you, with technology that collects and analyzes data extracted from your phone, such as: network type, band-GSM, UMTS, CDMA, channel, signal strength, phone model, and more.


Using patent pending technology, tawkon calculates the phone’s radiation level and hence, user exposure – SAR (a universal measure for the amount of radiation being absorbed by the user). Our technology was validated in an FCC certified RF (radio frequency) lab with state of the art equipment.


With this information, tawkon provides you alerts and suggestions to keep your cell phone radiation exposure low and enable you to talkon.

NOTE: We are asking for permissions to intercept outgoing calls and call phone numbers. We ask for this to be able to warn you about high exposure situation before a call is made or received. In addition, we ask to access your personal information and read contacts to allow you to easily invite your friends & family to share your exposure & talk time with them.

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