Towel Tim v1.00.0 Apk

Towel Tim apk


Towel Tim v1.00.0 Apk |23 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up


LAUNCH PRICE!!!FINALLY AVAILABLE! Towel Tim in the OuterSpace lands on your mobile devices. This platformer/action game will take you hours to complete, and its two additional modes offers you endless fun. It has an oldschool gameplay and the fine features of mobile technologies.
You’ll play Tim, who has been kidnapped by alien robots and who has to save the world, wearing only his towel.

STORY MODE challenges you with 32 levels to unlock. You’ll need fast fingers and a smart brain to solve the physics based puzzles, pass the traps et destroy hundreds of robots!

RUN MODE is about randomly generated levels and a big laser threatening to burn you to ashes if you don’t run fast enough.

JUMP MODE is a fun way to use the accelerometer and a bigger challenge as you’ll jump higher and higher.

Share your scores online and compare your worldwide ranking directly from the game.

All the future DownLoadable Content will be absolutely FREE! New levels, new game modes and, maybe, a new character!

-32 levels
-Physics based puzzles
-Dashing action and boomsplosions
-Classic controls (buttons and joystick)
-Combos and fun moves
-Graphics options
-HighScores (online and local)
-Tons of stupid robots
-A waggon and a plane
-8bits sounds and music
-A game developer to feed
-More explosions

Tim is an average guy, living a more than average life in an average town. This morning, after a difficult night spent on his couch, Tim took a warm shower. And when he returned to the living room… He was abducted by evil alien robots from outer space! They took him as a sample of mankind, just before starting the Earth destruction. Tim, only wearing his towel, will have to fight the robots, escape the various traps and save our beloved planet. As you are actually sitting on it, you’re kind of concerned…

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