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txt-book - Turn Texts To Books apk


txt-book – Turn Texts To Books v1.01 Apk | 7 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:4.0 and up

Finally… txt-book app lets you convert text message conversations into an attractive and personalized book!!

App Review:

 Two unique PDF export styles: CONVERSATION or STORYBOOK. You can add a title, cover photo, nicknames, and back-cover note.Save it. Send it. File it. Print it. Keep for your records. Keep as a diary…or make it the perfect gift!

· Download the app and create UNLIMITED books for free
· Convert SMS and MMS texts
· Display large crisp photos
· Videos appear as enhanced thumbnails
· Select any date range
· Remove unwanted messages and photos
· Edit nicknames to personalize your txt-book
· Privacy Guaranteed – All books are created locally on your phone
· Your txt-book arrives as a PDF file via your own e-mail
· Create a book in as little as 30 seconds

A txt-book is a perfect and easy gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s Day, long-distance relationships or just…because. Text message conversations chronicle our modern lives. With txt-book now you can preserve the jokes, fights and photos that we share everyday.

Two Unique Export Styles:

CONVERSATION: Displays the texts and photos in bubbles similar to the way it appears on your phone. The date and time, if chosen, are displayed above each bubble as well as the speakers name. Photos appear larger than they do in your text-message conversation.

STORYBOOK: Adds phrases to the beginning and end of text messages so that your text conversations look and read like a novel. Text messages are always shown in quotes, and words like, “replied Kristin” are added after a text message. Sentences are used to introduce a new day such as, “On July 4, 2013 Mark texted Kristin,” so your txt-book flows like a story. Photos appear larger than they do in your text-message conversation.

You don’t have to choose between one – once you get the app you can make as many books as you want.

Change the way names appear in your book. You may decide to change your Father’s name to, “Dad.” Or your boyfriend’s name to, “Boo.”

Your Cover Page features a photo that you select and a title that you create. The Back-Cover Note allows you to write a description that explains the book’s meaning, or create a special message to the recipient such as, “To Kristin – I hope this book has a second volume. Please keep this to remind you of our first three months. Love, Mark.” If you don’t want a Title, Cover Photo or back-cover note then you can simply leave them out.

Txt-book was created so people can transform the conversations between friends, family and lovers into a book. Many people simply use txt-book to keep a personal record of easy-to-read volumes of their day-to-day conversations.

You can be the author of hundreds of txt-books…get started now.



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