VIRUSfighter Android Pro v2.0.0 Apk

VIRUSfighter Android Pro apk


VIRUSfighter Android Pro v2.0.0 Apk | 476 KB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

The complete mobile antivirus protection for ALL Android smartphones and tablets


The complete mobile antivirus protection for ALL Android smartphones and tablets

Adding real-time antivirus protection from today’s threats is just one of the many features available exclusively in the PRO version.

VIRUSfighter Android PRO is simple and very easy to use, with high-speed scanning and minimal usage of system resources!

Fastest and most reliable scan for more than 9.000 known threats (pr. June 2012)

Real-time antivirus protection – You’re now protected from viruses, malware and spyware in real-time.
Security Advisor – Identifies potential security holes by looking at the various “entry” points to your device.
Privacy Advisor – Find out if your account info, contacts, messages and other private data are accessible.
Application Manager – Check the permission settings of your downloaded applications.

FREE Updates for new versions and threats delivered to your device!

All this for only $4.95 for 12 month and it covers up to 5 devices *

Your contacts, pictures, emails and other mobile data are private and irreplaceable. With the most extensive “signature” database on the market, your important data is safe from the latest viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware, key-loggers, and other threats. We’ve taken special consideration to ensure that VIRUSfighter Android Pro is easy-to-use while running quickly and seamlessly in the background without reducing battery life. In addition, our Advisors help you identify various areas of risk so that you can take preventative measures to fully secure your device.

With the number of threats for Android devices growing at an alarming rate, VIRUSfighter Android PRO helps protect your valuable files, data and network against emerging threats from virus writers and identity thieves.

FREE Support – Free Phone and Email support in following languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Czech, Thai or Korean.

With VIRUSfighter Android PRO you will get an effective, easy-to-use antivirus for your Android device!

Full feature list:
* Regular updates keeps you protected from the latest threats
* Real-time scanning while you surf, email, and use applications
* On-demand scanning
* Security Advisor
* Privacy Advisor
* Application Manager
* Lightning fast scanning technology
* Small footprint with ultra-low battery consumption
* Scheduled scanning
* Fully customizable settings