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WeatherAlarm Donate v1.0 Apk | 2.5 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Do you really need to wake up?WeatherAlarm looks out of the window for you, so you can keep on sleeping!


Has it ever happened to you to be late for work because when you woke up it was raining and you got stuck in the traffic?
Maybe you always wake up early because you don’t know what the weather will be like.

Weather alarm can solve your problem! Thanks to this new app, you will be able to set your alarm for a different time, depending on the weather.

At the stated time, WeatherAlarm will start up to check your place’s weather conditions at that time: this way, you get to have real-time information, which are more reliable than a standard weather forecast.
After downloading this data, WeatherAlarm will wake you up if the condition you chose is verified, otherwise it will wait for the second set time.

Here are some examples of the way you can use this app:

1) I am supposed to get to work by 9.00. I usually wake up at 8.00, but if it rains there will be more traffic, so I’ll have to wake up at 7.30.
Thanks to WeatherAlarm, I can set my alarm so that it ONLY rings at 7.30 if it’s raining by that time;if not, it will let me sleep until 8.00!

2) I want to take a trip to the mountains, so I need to wake up early. Obviously, as soon as I wake up I’ll have to look out of the window to make sure the weather is good. WeatherAlarm relieves me of this issue by checking the weather of the place I want to visit at any time I set. This way, if the weather isn’t good enough, I will enjoy some extra sleep!

All the data is downloaded by WeatherUnderground, a meteorology facility used by millions of people all over the world. Should there be any mistake about the weather data, the responsibility is to be completely addressed to WeatherUnderground, and not to the app WeatherAlarm. We therefore kindly ask you not to give low grades to the app beacuse of this kind of problems. On the contrary, we invite you to send us this kind of feedback by email. It will be our concern to report any criticism to WeatherUnderground itself.

This is the Donate version. Differences between this and the free version are:
– no ads
– no 10-second wait to set a new alarm
– chance to snooze as many times as you like

By buying the Donate version you also contribute to the development of WeatherAlarm. Lastly, some of the money raised (0.30$) will be donated to Wikipedia and GIMP!

Why Wikipedia? Because we love free knowledge! We also believe it is one of the most important cooperative projects ever created.

Why GIMP? Because we love free software! GIMP sure is one of the most important pieces of software in the open source scenery, and it has been used for developing our app.

CAUTION: if you are about to buy the Donate version, we advise you to try the Lite version first, to make sure everything works correctly on your phone.