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Windward Apk

Download>> Windward v1510280 Apk | 50 MB | Resumable Links | Requires :Android 5.0 and up |

Designed from the start to be a fully procedural co-op game!


What’s in this version :

  • Fixed resource cost of all skills. They were roughly 1/10th of what they should have been.
  • Added a Fog Light tool — it lets you see through obscuring fog.
  • Fixed the damage on the Explosive Barrel. It had its damage reduction factor applied twice erroneously, reducing its damage significantly.
  • Explosive Barrel will now also apply a Slow effect on its targets for 6 seconds when used on AI or 4 seconds when used on players.
  • Explosive Barrel is now 100% affected by Damage (used to be 50% damage 50% diplomacy).
  • Fixed the Zeppelin achievement not unlocking. Simply switching to the Zeppelin will unlock that achievement.
  • Advanced Construction Supplies is now a Tool item, and contains both Siege and regular Guard Tower building skills.
  • Added a 16th ship. You may have seen it on the Tasharen East Coast 1 server.
  • AI will no longer immediately start using skills like poison and inferno at levels 15 and 27. They now have a chance of using that skill starting at 20%, going up with level.
  • AI should no longer be able to repair immediately after exiting combat. They should now be stuck in combat for 5 seconds.
  • Airship’s mobility is now affected by the condition of the sails. If the sails are shredded, airships will be significantly less maneuverable than before.

Game Review:

Designed from the start to be a fully procedural co-op game, Windward can be played by yourself, but it truly comes alive when playing with friends. Start by generating a procedural world that will be unique to you, design your own custom faction then sail forward fighting pirates, trading with towns, doing quests or simply exploring — it’s up to you how you want to play.

As you sail about you will find resources you can make use of, upgrades for your ship, new towns that will ask your assistance, and as you get farther out from the starting area — various pirates that will attempt to take what’s rightfully yours. Combat experience will let you unlock new talents and abilities to make that particular line of work easier.

As you take up consignments with towns and fulfill their production shortages, the towns will grow, offering more quests, more resources and better items. As the towns continue to grow they will offer you a choice to upgrade your ship itself. Would you prefer a fast Schooner to explore the world, or a heavy Galleon that’s able to take up 5 consignments at once? Or perhaps a massive Ship of the Line to take the fight with the pirates to their heartlands?

As you explore the world and get farther away from your starting area, the game will become progressively more difficult — but so will the rewards. Throughout all of this you can expect the pirates to put up a fair fight, as the AI is bound by the same rules as the player: they have sight, and must explore the map before they can know what’s there.

Speaking of AI, build a fearsome reputation and the AI will respect you, even fear you — avoiding you if at all possible. Some friendly AI will even choose to follow you and assist you in your own adventures.

And so, on the topic of adventures — ready to have yours?

NOTE: Requires a high-performance device, such as NVIDIA SHIELD. Run the Windward: Performance Test (free app) to check your device’s performance before buying the game.
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